November 3 and 4, 2022

NAMED 2022

(Neglected Aspects of Motion-Event Description)

Deixis and Other Topics

in Motion-Event Description

Meeting Descriptions

The linguistic descriptions of motion events have fascinated many researchers because of their complexity, universality, and variation (e.g., Talmy 1985, 2000; Slobin 2004). In spite of many dedicated studies, however, there are many phenomena that have not been explored. The NAMED conference (Neglected Aspects of Motion-Event Description) is a forum for discussing such aspects of motion-event description. This year, we will have a session on deixis, one of the areas in which there has been an increasing interest among researchers. Questions that have attracted recent attention include:

a) What kinds of distinctions are made in the forms expressing dynamic deixis? Cf. Wilkins & Hill 1995; Wälchli 2006

b) How does deixis fit in the currently available typologies of motion event descriptions? Is it a part of path? Cf. Morita 2011, in press; Matsumoto 2021; Lamarre et al. in press.

c) How frequently is deixis expressed in different languages?

d) How are deictic verbs and directionals used in speech context? Are they purely spatial in nature or do they involve any interactional properties of speech situations? Cf. Matsumoto, Akita and Takahashi 2017.

e) Is deixis in motion event descriptions different from that which is found in demonstratives and other deictic categories (as described in Diessel 1999; Levinson 2018, etc.)?

f) How are deictic categories grammaticalized?

g) How do the expressions of associated motion involve deixis, and how should they be conceptualized in terms of motion event typology? Cf. Guillaume and Koch 2021; Lamarre et al. in press.

h) How are gestures (e.g. Talmy 2017) used to convey deictic information in motion events.

Submissions of abstracts that relate to any of the questions listed above are especially encouraged, though other broadly related topics in motion event descriptions are certainly included.

NAMED 2022 will be held in Kyoto, Japan, and it is the first NAMED conference to be held outside Paris. The conference is planned as a hybrid format. We will be asking prospective participants if they are willing to attend on site or online after notification of acceptance is sent out.

Invited Speakers

Holger Diessel (University of Jena, online talk)

Christine Lamarre (INALCO)

Bernhard Wälchli (Stockholm University, online talk)


Yo Matsumoto (NINJAL) and Takahiro Morita (Kyoto University)

Funded by NINJAL and KAKENHI (Kyoto University)


We welcome proposals for presentations on any of the topics related to motion events, especially those addressing issues of deixis in motion-event descriptions. We accept abstracts for both oral and poster sessions.

One individual may be involved in a maximum of two abstracts (maximum of one as sole author), regardless of category (oral or poster)

Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be anonymous and sent via EasyChair (

Abstracts must be less than 500 words on one page (A4, PDF), written in English. The addition of another page for references, examples, and figures is allowed.


Important Days

Abstract Submission Period: March 1 - May 31, 2022 New deadline: - June 15

Notification of acceptance: July 20, 2022 Early August

Registration: August 15 - October 15, 2022 September 1 - November 1

Conference: November 3-4, 2022


Faculty of Integrated Human Studies Building, Kyoto University, Yoshida South Campus
(room 1102, 1B05 (Friday morning only))

For further information, please see the following page. The building of the Faculty of Integrated Human Studies is indicated as the building 84.