Issue 3 DEADLINE: Aug 9th, 2019 11:59pm PST. Please fill out the Google Form below. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING POETRY/FICTION FOR ISSUE THREE. Send a maximum of: 2,000 words of non-fiction (essays, reported pieces, criticism), ten image files, ten pages of completed comic art. Text submissions should be in DOCX format. We only accept work from trans/non-binary/two-spirit/genderqueer creators. Please do not send work which contains explicit depictions of sexual assault/abuse or gratuitous violence.

Submissions don't have to adhere to the issue's theme, but Issue 3's theme will be "success," which you can interpret as: opulence, eating the rich, dancing on the graves of your enemies, etc. What does it mean for a trans person to succeed in a cis world? What does it cost us, what do we gain?

Email us at or message us on social media with further questions.


We offer an honorarium to every contributor. We do not pay interview subjects, unless they are also providing a significant amount (3+ pages) of other content for the issue (photography, art, etc.). Please be aware that these rates are based on the layout of our designs, not on the work as submitted:

  • Written content: $5 for first page, $2 for each additional page.
  • Visual content (photography, art, comics, etc.): $10 for first page, $2 for each additional page.

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