The Velvet Morning Band - Project (2011-2020)

In the aftermath of de Kiss Of Life-Project a new musical called Velvet morning emerged. The Music of Velvet Morning exudes a warm melancholic atmosphere that floats to the rhythm of life, different every time, always straight from the heart. The inspiring musical encounters between the three musician friends, pianist / singer / visual artist Myriam G.S. Mestiaen (Moerbeke), drummer Christ Steyaert (Stekene) and violinist Hilde De Bruyne (Belsele) resulted in fruitful jam sessions. The compelling repetitive musical patterns lead to a surprising narrative repertoire, a crossover mix of dreamy songs and sensual downtempo lounge grooves. The tight and groovy bass of bassplayer Daniel Loeman (Lovendegem) complete the Velvet Morning sound.

'Wonderbaby' Recordings: Bloedtest Project/Exhibition Dr. Guislain Museum Ghent featuring The Velvet Morning Band & Actrice Hilde Heijnen (2019)

Kiss Of Life Music 2008

KISS OF LIFE CD ALBUM (release 2008)

"Myriam G.S. Mestiaen makes music that speaks to the soul. More than that, if the theory that music has the power to heal rings true, then “Kiss of Life”, the first full length CD from multidisciplinary artist Myriam G.S. Mestiaen goes a step further in exploring the intricate role it plays in the human experience. Without assigning the inaccurate label of concept album, the songs as a whole invite the listener into an intimate emotional bubble where mystery, nostalgia and longing pave the way for death and rebirth. Musically, the once solo pianist Mestiaen, fills in her raw and delicate vocals with an eclectic but classically trained hand accompanied by a skilled rhythm section and digital samples that don’t interfere with the timeless sound. Somewhere between jazz, rhythm and blues, world music and rock with the vocal styling of a smoky lounge chanteuse donning Kate Bush theatrics, Mestiaen experiments with all the angles to create a simultaneously unique and familiar sound. The collaboration with producer and musician Dirk Blanchart on Kiss of Life reflects a movement back to basics without sacrificing virtuosity in lyrics or music; a polished production that still allows for surprises and improvisation during live performance. (J.Ballenger 2008)

It is with music as it is with traveling ... People often go somewhere far away in search of beauty and wonder and then suddenly realize when they return home that it also turns out to be wonderfully beautiful in their own court. Musically, I sometimes have the same tendency to look for beautiful songs, especially in Texas and the surrounding area. Until suddenly, completely unexpectedly, a very special and mysterious picture ends up in my bus that simply turns out to come from Belgium ... (and that has nothing to do with the Texan styles, let that be clear). Behind the title Kiss Of Life is the artist Myriam G.S. Mestiaen. Together with a handful of musicians she has put together a stunning CD in the styles between jazz, pop, soul, rhythm and blues, rock and singer-songwriter ... The production was in the hands of the golden maar, judging by the sound, still far from 'old' Dirk Blanchart! Myriam is a classically trained artist and on Kiss Of Life she blends her music with the view on her life. However, she is also a very musical woman who plays the piano, puts together songs, performs them herself and tries to touch people with it. She has, in my humble opinion, fully succeeded. There is so much feeling in her songs that I sometimes had the feeling that I was discovering a totally new style of music here. However, I do not use mind-expanding drugs ... Just give yourself a listen to, for example, The Soul Is Blind or Kiss Of Life and I have a dark brown suspicion that even you understand what I mean ... In any case, Myriam has succeeded in creating a very original timbre with create corresponding tape sound. After a number of listenings you get a strange nostalgic feeling to a bygone era when the earth was just a little less warmed ...(L.Lenaerts 2008)

Myriam G.S Mestiaen is a capable pianist and on this album she approaches a style somewhat like that of a more prog-influenced Tori Amos. Recycling Woman uses a sitar to create a unique and bedazzling sound as Mestiaen weaves her spell.The Soul is Blind is soft and makes a rather soulful sound, and the lead vocal is seductive.Myriam G.S Mestiaen also works in a subtle jazz influence throughout the album.Hangover Blues is a little bit bluesy, but retains a sharp focus. The singer remains icily cool and doesn’t show the intensity that a proper blues singer would.Quicksand is a jazzy slow song to end this complex album on a happy note.This is an exceptional album by any standards. A.M. Sjärnell, Sweden (2008)

Behind the name Kiss of Life hides the artist Myriam G.S. Mestiaen, perhaps already known to one or the other from the exhibition of her 'drawn diary' a few years ago. Together with two handfuls of musicians she has now produced a stunning CD, blowing a pleasant wind in the corner of Nina Simone, Kate Bush and other similar raves. The songs on 'Kiss of life' can safely be called pop, as long as pop tastes of jazz, rock, nostalgia and eighties. In the dreamy 'Riverman', a psychedelic guitar reef foams all colors of melancholy. Hipper, but no less subtle sounds 'Recycling women', in which the beat and Mestiaen's girl's voice evoke that typical innocent eighties feeling that Jenny Wilson could not be more convincing. With 'Kiss of life' a classically trained artist expresses herself and tests her theories about music, life and the connection between them. For those who don't know or don't care, Myriam G.S. Mestiaen is just a woman who plays the piano, sings songs and thus enchants. ( 2008)