About Myriam G.S. Mestiaen

Myriam G.S. Mestiaen (°1967) is an intuitive and substantive versatile artist. Every day she draws passionately in her picture diary. She symbolizes her inner conflict in a striking way. When visualizing an idea, she starts from a kind of gut feeling. Her art has partly grown from a socially critical vision and shows a strong urge to push artistic boundaries. The ease with which the artist manages to transform a simple subject into an authentic fresh image is significant. The vibrating lines mixed with intense colors and direct writing determine the character of the image. Struck by a sudden flash of insight, she tells her own story in a very honest and distinct way.

Myriam G.S. Mestiaen places new work within her own oeuvre:

In 2015 she began experimenting with non-toxic printing techniques like collagraphy. This modern printing technique approximates the effect of traditional Intaglio techniques using carborundum on plastic. The plate is printed with an etching press in the same manner as other printmaking plates.

By means of scratched line structures with the drypoint technique and the material of the painted collagraphy, Myriam G.S. Mestiaen creates a fascinating whole of various pictorial shades. The spontaneity in her graphic style and the expressiveness of colors and lines characterize her drawings. Her unique visual language radiates power, playfulness and sensitivity. Her drawing and graphic art evoke a great sense of feeling and an unique narrative atmosphere.

Moreover, Myriam G.S. Mestiaen, formerly known as a talented multi-disciplinary artist, adds a kind of musicality to her artwork with a palpable rhythm, unexpected details and surprising storylines based on remarquable improvisation skills.