Empowering Excellence.

Are you ready to change your life?

Let's awaken your inner greatness. As a certified Life Coach, my goal is to help you achieve your potential - even beyond what you thought was possible. We will focus on excellence over perfection - and identify when to hold compassion and patience for ourselves to overcome difficult obstacles.

Whether you focus on one area or want to jump-start your next chapter across the board, I will help you define and action SMART, practical and made-for-you goals in your Career, Academics, Health, Finances, and Relationships.

"Michelle - Why is there a random picture of an ivy plant up there?" Not only is the golden pothos one of my favorite easy to maintain, bright, and cheerful houseplants - it draws many parallels to our work together:

  • You can grow a thriving pothos from either a new clipping or a mature plant. You can literally start anywhere, at any time!
  • You can grow a thriving pothos from, and in, a variety of conditions
  • You can revive a pothos from less than ideal conditions, to a burgeoning plant full of joy
  • Pothos are only limited by the space they are given

I've taken many of these plants home from the store, from friends' clippings, or dying pots to grow big, bright, beautiful new plants. Even when I hand one plant on to another person or household - I can still grow more. There is no lack, and there is no limit. That is the beauty of this resilient plant, and that is the beauty of this process to becoming a resilient you.

So... are you ready to grow?

"Michelle's manner is so compassionate"

"I had always wanted to work with a Life Coach but was intimidated by the whole process -could I make the changes they suggest? When I learned about Michelle's coaching I decided to finally go forward and try a few sessions. We discuss difficult issues, but Michelle's manner is so compassionate, her attentiveness so steadfast and her ability to get to the root of the issue is incredible. Her suggestions are feasible and make me feel empowered." - J.G., Northern California

"Working with Michelle has improved numerous areas in my life"

"I appreciate her willingness to share parts of her own journey... Working with Michelle has improved numerous areas in my life, from emotional to financial health, and I look forward to using Michelle's teachings to strengthen my overall well being." - Anonymous, California

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