Buy your own Ukulele

Are you interested in buying your first Ukulele? Which one should you get?

There are lots of great ukuleles out there! Beginner Ukuleles can start at about $40 making it a very affordable instrument to try out! Here is a list of Ukuleles available on Amazon ranging from $38 up to $100 in price. Any of them will sound okay and there are lots of fun styles to choose from! The more expensive ones have a fuller and richer tone and are made out of better quality materials. The less expensive ones are really fun and a great way to start without spending much!

What size should you get?

One thing to know when choosing your Ukulele - do you want a Soprano Size or a Concert Size? Either one will work and play just the same. The difference is in the size. The Soprano size ukulele is a little smaller and the concert size is a little bigger (just about a 2 inch difference). Sometimes a concert size can be easier to play because there is a little more room to get your fingers where they need to go on the strings. But a soprano ukulele is probably what you think of when you think of that "classic" ukulele. The concert ukulele sounds a little fuller and the soprano ukulele sounds a little brighter and more Hawaiian in general. Most beginner ukuleles you see will be Soprano Ukuleles.

Either size, Soprano or Concert, is great!

  1. Inexpensive and FUN Beginner Ukuleles!

Honsing is actually my favorite brand of inexpensive ukulele! It has a great sound and feel!

2. Good Quality Beginner Ukuleles - Medium Priced

3. Great Quality and Rich Tone Ukuleles - still less than $100!