MyActionTracker Update Log

Changes and Updates to the Application

Optimized for Use on Mobile Devices

best used from your mobile phone

May 09, 2019

        • Vitals tracker, keep track of your vitals and compare them with your actions and daily points on our Vitals page
        • Vitals history checker, click on the history icon and check your vitals over time. The vitals history checker also allows you to view them on a table view or a graphical view.
        • Vitals compare, compare your vitals against an action or your total daily points using our compare function.

January 25, 2019

        • Improved Popup Weekly Point Goal modal, make it more compressed on mobile view.
        • Improved Sidebar, make it more compressed on mobile view.
        • Improved Options page, make it more compressed on mobile view.

    • FIXES
      • Fixed mobile view bug where in you cannot set your Week Start Day on options page.
      • Fixed mobile view bug in options page where if you click edit then change your tab from personal information to account information and go back again to personal information, the Week Start Day field will not be editable when you click edit.
      • Fixed bug on login page where if you just loaded your browser there will be some animation before the login fields come.

      • Currently working on Vitals page where you can set your vitals which you wish to track and provide you graphs based on your updates on the vitals.

December 29, 2018

        • Improved Timeline page you can now edit your Weekly Point Goals by just clicking the WPG button.
        • Improved Daily Log Popup added close button to close the popup.

    • FIXES
      • Fixed bug in settings not updating the timezone when set manually.
      • Fixed style bug on verification validation page, navigation bar doesn't have the correct styles.
      • Fixed bug in settings where in the timezone becomes blank when you update the security settings or the account settings.

December 17, 2018

        • Added Delete Action Button in Mobile
        • Improved Color Picker, now the colors in the Color Picker are all Earth-Tone/Neutral Tone colors.

    • FIXES
      • Fixed bug where Workdays suddenly change when adding new entry.
      • Fixed bug where adding new entry will show Updated User Information on recent activity sidebar
      • Fixed bug in Action Marker not working on Mobile view when long pressed.
      • Fixed too many decimal places on Daily Action Points in Daily Log Popup.
      • Fixed Daily Log Popup not showing when adding new action.
      • Fixed Bug where negative values don't show in daily log popup.
      • Fixed Bug where the modal doesn't show when you click on remove action button.
      • Fixed Login Page being scrollable on mobile views

November 30, 2018

        • Improved add entry in mobile view by adding increase and decrease button on the side of the input box.
        • Improved Popup Daily Log Features, now shows the amount of repetition you have done on your action.
        • Improved Sort Mode, the tool bar now sticks to the top of the screen when scrolling down to make sorting easier by just clicking the sort button on the tool bar and sorting your actions.

    • FIXES
      • Fixed bug in desktop view where your added points in your action don't get saved .
      • Fixed bug in adding action where in the stats in the today popup log does not automatically update.
      • Fixed digital keyboard blocking the Edit/Enter/Cancel buttons when adding new entry.

November 24, 2018

      • Action Marker
        • Allows you to mark your actions which you want to be repeated either by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Annually.
        • Your marks will be removed once you input an entry on to that action, it will popup again when the time duration of that marker expires

November 17, 2018

    • Reworked action-list to get all the data from starting of this year to the end of this year rather than just this month only.
    • Created function to automatically show your updated information on your actions without refreshing the page.

    • Fixed bug in adding new action where the picture doesn't show or get saved.
    • Fixing digital keyboard blocking some buttons and input fields when modifying or adding new actions.
    • Fixed bug in edit entry where it shows multiple yet the same entries.
    • Fixed bug in mobile where the past entries won't show if you are using mobile.
    • Fixed status/points bug where in if the current date is out of the supposed "work days" set by the user, all the points will show a zero.
    • Fixed bug where if you already have scrolled downwards and you click on an action to edit it, it will show a not complete modal due to it being already scrolled down.
    • Fixed modify modal when in mobile not properly centered.
    • Fixed jerky animation when editing action.
    • Fixed date picker in edit action not showing properly in mobile view.
    • Fixing digital keyboard blocking some buttons and input fields when modifying or adding new actions.
    • Fixed Weekly Winstreak bug where it did not register the right number for total week points.
    • Fixed bug on editing entry action where the "Updated" notification fades in multiple times.

November 12, 2018

      • Created an organized list of all your action
        • Allows you to share your the list in Facebook and Twitter
        • Allows you to filter your actions with starting date to end date filters

    • Reworked Forgot Password, you can now reset your password by just inputting your email without the need of the username used.

November 2, 2018

    • Login using email
      • Login now allows you to use either your email or username.

    • Feedback system
      • You can now send feedback messages directly to the developers, just click the options and look for send comment.

    • Fixing reset password inputs to only accept Alphanumeric inputs.

October 27, 2018

    • Forgot Password Feature
      • Resets your password and updates your password to a new password that you set.

    • Fixed Settings Page Mobile View.
    • Fixed bug in settings page where you can't edit your profile slogan.
    • Fixed edit button bug in settings page.

    • Improve designs of automated emails.

    • Fixing Calculation of Points and Days Left in the Week
    • Add Timezone field on Registration

October 25, 2018

    • Fixed bug where you can't add action on Mobile
    • Fixed Hamburger Menu animation bug in mobile view

    • Creating Reset/Forgot Password function.

October 24, 2018

    • Fixed bug in modify modal not properly showing the correct data when accessed from inside the new action/entry modal.
    • Fixed mobile view signup page not able to register user.

    • Creating Reset/Forgot Password function.
    • Fixing Hamburger Menu animation in mobile view.

October 23, 2018

    • Fixed time zones for adding action and adding entry
    • Fixed Register bug where in users could not register

    • Fixing a bug in modify modal.

October 20, 2018

. New Account Creation is currently not working.

October 19, 2018

    • Fixed Default color of action when adding new action.
    • Fixed Weight points to allow .00 decimals instead of .0 only.
    • Make the default color of an action to black when editing.
    • Added Home button for Update Log Page .
    • Fixed bug when sorting the action on mobile view the action becomes too big.
    • Fixed Week Start Day choices alignments, changed it to a select type field.
    • Fixed Profile Picture in Mobile View on Settings Page not showing properly, too small.
    • Fixed Week Start Day not saving when changed while in mobile view.

October 12, 2018

  • NEW
  • New features:
    • Automatic timezone detection when registering a new account.
    • Added function to manually set timezone in settings page.
    • Added function to automatically modify actions by clicking the actions or by clicking the edit button.

    • Improved mobile view layout to 3 columns instead of 1 column.

October 05, 2018

  • NEW
  • New features:

    • Sortable actions
      • - To use the feature, click on the sort button and sort your actions by dragging.
      • - To save the positions of the actions, click on the save button.

    • Account activation through email

    • Improve sorting of actions on mobile.

    • Improve mobile registration by making it mobile friendly.

    • Fixed bug in mobile view action sorting where the area of the dragged action is too big.