About MyActionTracker

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MyActionTracker (MAT) is an online website/app that allows you to track your “Actions”.

It's a true HABIT BUILDER and ACTION accountability tool.

Track your fitness routine, a behavior, a series of habits, a daily or weekly "To Do" list.

In Beta (1.0)

You can make any activity an “Action”. These Actions can then be quantified and tracked.

You give each Action a “Weight”. (The default weight is 1)

Select your “default” or "baseline" action. This action will be the “base scale” upon which you will compare other actions.

Your default action should have a weight of 1. Each action you add should be compared to this default action and given a weight from 0 to X.

eg. 0.5. 0.8. 1.5. 2. 3. 10. 150. 200. etc…

Can be any decimal number.

The decimal number "weight" is compared against each other.

The most typical way to use MyActionTracker is for fitness and exercise. But MAT is more than that.

It’s a creative and open platform to track anything you wish.

It’s literally an action tracker. An action quantifier. An action gamifier. A habit reinforcer. A personal accountability tool.

Suggestions: You Can Track

. Going to the gym.

. Reading for a set period of time.

. Reading a book.

. A morning routine

. A meditation session

. A chore

. Walking your dog

. A specific exercise set.

. Doing leg squats

. Doing pushups

. NOT doing something

. Doing something

. A daily routine

. A weekly routine

. A monthly routine.

. An annual routine.

. Any routine you wish to quantify

. Any habit you want to reinforce

. Any action or activity you want to build.

. Any behavior you want to encourage.

Why Track Your Actions?

* As a daily or weekly discipline

* For self accountability

* For social accountability

* To create new habits

* To reinforce good habits and routines

* To accomplish long term goals

* To hold yourself accountable by a quantifiable point goal.

What you can track and “gamify” is unlimited. Use your imagination and creativity to make this tool work for you.

The Idea of the Action Weight

Each action carries a weight denominator. Each action on your list, comparatively has a relationship value to each other.

Example: Your base action is a single body squat and it has a value of 1. Based on this value proposition for a single body squat, you can measure every other action’s value.

Relatively speaking, what is the value of a single pushup compared to a squat? What’s the value of 1hour of study compared to a single squat? Based on this personal judgment, you can attribute your “weight”.

Much like comparing food items at a grocery store, everything has its "price". In the same manner, every action you want to quantify and track has its own price (completely subjective to you and your goals).

Weekly Point Goals

Set weekly point goals based on your Actions. Set the minimum point threshold and enter that for your personal profile. eg. 3500 points. 5000 points.

Set a realistic point goal that you can challenge yourself with. MAT will track this total and tell you what you need to reach every day, and what your deficit is.

Select your Action Week – 5 Day, 6 Day or 7 Day

Choose from a 5 day action week, 6 day or 7 day. Based on your selection, MAT will tell you your daily quota requirement to reach your weekly target.

Select your starting week to be Saturday, Sunday or Monday. These are your 3 options.

MAT will track the number of weeks you reach your goal and give you a WEEKLY WIN STREAK. Try to keep it going for as long as possible.

MAT also provides a 52 week (or annual) Weekly Win Streak percentage. How many weeks in the past year have you been able to reach your goal? MAT will let you know and hold you accountable.

Set Reminders. Tag an Action as a Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Annual Action Requirement

Set any action as a REMINDER and MAT will highlight it until you perform the action.

For Example: If an action is a Daily Reminder, the action will be tagged with a reminder until you perform that action at least once everyday. If it was tagged as Weekly, then the reminder will remain until performed at least once a week.