CSU Music Therapy Student Association

Welcome to Colorado State University's Music Therapy Student Association!

The Music Therapy Student Association (MTSA) is a Colorado State University student organization. The purpose of MTSA is to:

  1. To promote music therapy by advocating through the CSU student body and in the community.
  2. To enhance the education of music therapy students at CSU.
  3. To provide opportunities for career development.
  4. To form unity among music therapy students at CSU as well as national and other collegiate music therapy organizations.

*Remember, MTSA is meant to provide meaningful opportunities for YOU as a music therapy student. If you would like to see something changed or implemented into MTSA, don't hesitate to reach out to an officer. Click here for our emails.

Upcoming Events

August 10-11: Kid's Music Adventure at New West Fest

                  • Sign up on the Volunteer Opportunities page

August 23-25: Ram Welcome

                  • Stay tuned for more information!

August 28: All Student Welcome

                  • 6-7pm, stay tuned for more information!

September 10: HPSA Panel

                  • Tentative date, stay tuned for more information!

Join Our Email List

How to Join:

  • email mtsacsu13@gmail.com
  • Indicate if you would prefer to be on the Current CSU Students list or the Friends of MTSA list

Current CSU Students List alerts you to:

    • Upcoming events
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Workshops
    • Guest speakers
    • MTSA meetings

Friends of MTSA provides updates on:

    • MTSA events that are open to the public
    • MTSA Fudraisers

Why Should I be an Active Member?

Being active in MTSA will provide valuable opportunities for learning, networking, and fun. Music therapy graduates say that being involved with MTSA (and making personal connections to classmates and professors) helped them get the most out of their time at CSU.

MTSA allows you to make connections not only with your classmates, but with professionals as well. Networking is not only valuable as you think about internships and jobs for the future, but by meeting other students and professionals you get super helpful tips that you may not have gotten through the textbook.