We are a professional development group focused on leveraging the power of mathematics in promoting discourse and analyzing issues of social injustice. We believe that far too often, young learners perceive mathematics as an isolated set of skills and procedures that are disconnected from the world around them which is filled with inequities. We aim to shift the narrative of mathematics as a discipline that can empower us to critically examine our communities and our world by providing teachers a platform to engage in problem solving that displays the power of mathematics in promoting these critical conversations.

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Equity Position Statement

Our firm belief in equitable math outcomes for all students in Connecticut strongly aligns with the 2022 Equity in Mathematics Education: A Joint Position Statement for Connecticut, co-authored by the three math education professional organizations in the state (ATOMIC, CCLM, ATOMIC) with support from the Connecticut State Department of Education.

Our group continues to be driven by the goal of modernizing mathematics programming, which along with supporting math identities and aligning and advancing systems, form the three pillars, or commitments, of the position statement. See below for the full statement.


Goals and Future Plans

Our two primary goals for this group are to build capacity and community. We aim to build teachers' capacity for integrating mathematics and social justice through our problem solving workshops that provide examples, resources, and inspire additional lessons and creativity. We aim to build a community of educators through common goals, shared spaces, and opportunities for reflection and discussion.

These shared spaces will initially be virtual but we do value shared physical spaces and we will move to that environment when it is safe to do so. We plan to meet in a central location in Connecticut to bring together mathematics educators in monthly workshops with opportunities for rich problem solving and valuable conversations.