Nigeria (Oct & Nov 2021): Fieldwork funded by the Alexander von Humbolt Foundation to investigate the female and youth employment effects of cassva value chains in Nigeria

Cameroon (2020, only involved in preparation, did not participate due to COVID19): 200 interviews with structured questionnaires to explore livelihood diversification approaches and their links with forest landscape restoration choices

Cameroon (2019): We led about 180 interviews with structured questionnaires, investigating peasant farmers' endogenous institutions and their choice of climate adaptation practices

Mauritius (2013): Project on the determinants of high regulatory quality in Mauritius and the private sector as one possible souce. I led structured and unstructured interviews with representatives of the private sector, private sector organizations and the government

Ghana (2010): International Growth Center project on institutions and the private sector. We led unstructured interviews with private sector and government representatitves