True Team About Us

True Team competition is based on the idea that every team member's performance counts toward the team's score in competition.

First place will be worth as many points as the number of possible entries in the event. For example: If there are eight teams entered in the meet there is a possible 32 entries per event. Thus making first place worth 32 points, second place worth 31 points etc. etc. Relay points are double the value of individual events.

Each school shall enter up to four individuals and four relay teams per event.

Meets are held at the section level - using the MSHSL section assignments. The top scoring team from each section will advance to the state meet. The top two teams will advance in Class A Boys. Additional teams will be given "Wild Card" births into the state meet to complete the field of 12 teams based on their True Team Section Meet performance. For more details about the wild card procedure, please see our True Team Charter


  • Plaques: 1st , 2nd, & 3rd
  • Medals and ribbons : 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th,7th, & 8th
  • The following are the colors/places:
  • Blue 1st
  • Red 2nd
  • White 3rd
  • Gold 4th
  • Green 5th
  • Maroon 6th
  • Orange 7th
  • Black 8th