Our families and our community will always serve as our greatest partners in providing the best education for our children. We have also aligned ourselves with additional partners in an effort to provide our students with the most robust educational experience possible.

Our partner organizations include:

The Beam Center (BeamWorks) - BeamWorks strives to cultivate long-term relationships with NYC public schools to bring a culture of creation, collaboration, and inspiration to under-resourced communities. We work closely with principals and classroom teachers to identify and develop hands-on projects that engage students and make learning more tangible. These projects range from in-class activities that develop over several weeks to more intensive school-wide initiatives that unfold over a full semester.

In 2016, we launched BeamWorks’ first in-school FabLab, an advanced digital fabrication laboratory with cutting-edge tools and resources, at Brooklyn International High School. By 2019, we have helped build 13 more in-school FabLabs across the city in Jackson Heights, Hell’s Kitchen, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Red Hook, Sunset Park and Gowanus.

To learn more about the Beam Center, click here.

Brooklyn Borough President’s Office/ NY Sun Works - Hydroponics Grant - Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has granted $175,000 to have a hydroponics lab installed at M.S. 935 from NY Sun Works. NY Sun Works is a non-profit organization that builds innovative science labs in urban schools. Through our Greenhouse Project Initiative we use hydroponic farming technology to educate students and teachers about the science of sustainability.

To learn more about NY Sun Works, click here.

Brooklyn Boatworks - Founded by Brooklyn-based naval architects Carl Persak and Jeremy Wurmfeld our program is designed to replicate boat building techniques used in shipyards throughout the world. Students learn to work from blueprints, and use marine tools and materials. Students are also responsible for every aspect of the boat building process, ensuring that they learn from their mistakes and take ownership and pride in the successful completion of each phase of the boat build.

Brooklyn Boatworks volunteers, instructors, and teachers are motivated by a desire to see young people thrive and grow through the process of building an Optimist pram. Using a wide variety of hands-on activities and teaching methods our instructors ensure that all students, regardless of their differing learning styles, leave our classrooms with more confidence, knowledge of STEM subjects, and tools for future success.

To learn more about Brooklyn Boatworks click here.

More Partnerships Coming Soon...