Ms. Monkman's Preschool Class

Monthly Themes and Goals

  • Theme: My School

  • Language: Kind Words; Introduction to Songs that are Part of School Routine

  • Letters: Introduction to Letters and Letter Formation

  • Numbers: Counting 0-5, 0-10; Introduction to Numbers

  • Math: Counting; Using manipulatives and objects to solve problems, to design and create

  • STEAM: Exploring materials to design and build with; five senses; homemade playdough

  • Religion: God Welcomes Us to School; Love; Who is God and Jesus?

  • Goals:

    • Social/Emotional: Getting used to a new school and classroom; practicing school/classroom routines and calm down strategies

    • Fine Motor: Introductory scissor, pencil, glue, and coloring strategies

    • Academic: Introduction to shapes, letters, colors, and numbers

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Teacher Contact


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