ICT Planning

Whole School ICT Planning

If you are lucky enough to be asked to do some strategic and operational planning for ICT, but don't know where to start, then I have some tips for you!

Strategic Plan

First of all, I read/watched this presentation to get an idea of what was required: http://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/?S9TZ77

Then I went to this site which is a fantastic resource: http://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/?8YZDSB

I downloaded the eLearning Planning Matrix and went through it and highlighted where our school currently sat. For some sections we were across a couple of levels and that was OK.

I then downloaded the eLearning Planning Template and started filling it out with the info I easily knew.

For the rest of it I was a bit stuck, so I went searching for examples of what other schools had done:

Obviously a few iterations ensued based on discussions with Admin/Leadership about what they want, but we eventually got there!

Operational Plan

As per the FUSE presentation, I did a really thorough audit of what we had in the school to get a starting point. Then, based on the targets identified in the Strategic Plan, we costed up what we wanted to purchase and implement when. Where possible we tried to lease items, this was for two reasons: it allowed the cost to be spread out over a number of years and helped with budget planning because the amount was a known factor, and also because it forces you to update your equipment on a regular basis hence no more "I can't believe these PCs are 7 years old!" issues haha.

As well as equipment and infrastructure, Staff training was another main area that was focused on, and a training plan established. This was done in conjunction with an initial self-survey of capability and confidence using various ICT equipment, that was then used to inform and guide our training. Because we're teachers and like assessments :)

Further Planning

If you want to take it a step further and start planning the Digital Technologies program, then this is a great resource: https://www.digitaltechnologieshub.edu.au/teachers/case-studies/primary/north-fitzroy-primary-school/a-whole-school-digital-technologies-program

Hannah Dodds at Harrisdale PS has also done an amazing one, in the form of a Staff Booklet, which is available in their School Community on Connect.


So here is how mine turned out. Obviously it was out of date about 3 months after I wrote it as these things are quite organic, but nevertheless it's a useful document.

Caveat: I did this in my first year of teaching, so it's probably not brilliant, but it'll get you started and give you an idea at least!

IT Strategic & Operational Plan 2016 - No Financials.docx

If this info was useful to you in some way, or you have other awesome stuff to add, please let me know!