Mrs Chom's DigiTech Resources

Welcome to Mrs Chom's Digital Technologies Resources!

Hey there! I'm a Digital Technologies Teacher based in Perth, Western Australia, who retrained after 15+ years in IT as a programmer and then Project Manager. My favourite thing was Oracle Databases, and web stuff to present it and make it look pretty. I just love data!

I started teaching the new DigiTech curriculum in 2017 and thought I'd put all my resources together into one place that I can easily share with others in the hope that it might lessen the load, because we all know that collaboration is the key.

If you have any awesome go-to activities for Digital Technologies or ICT, please let me know as I'd love to try them out.

Here's a mug-shot of me so you can say Hello if you happen to bump into me at random events in Perth.



(ECAWA Digital Technologies Teacher of the Year (2018))