Mr G Carver Projects

This website will be used for our Electives and Creation labs. Each will have their own page on this site

My Elective Group is: Gaming. Our gaming group will be focusing on the game, Forge of Empires. This is a strategy based game. You start as the leader of a small tribe. Over time you will develop yourself – you will explore new technologies, conquer territories and build your small village into a grand city.

Your interactions with other players in your neighborhood are the key to success and fun in the game. Trade with them to get much-needed resources. Visit their city and support it, or go in with your army and take over their areas

You start off in the Stone Age, travel through the Bronze Age, Iron Age, the Middle Ages to Modern Eras.

Creation Lab- My creation Lab is Website Design/Creation

This group is learning how to create their own websites. Each student will be creating a website based on a favorite topic. They will be learning how to add graphics, video and more personal touches.

Our second phase will be using everything that we learned from our websites and then creating websites for the other Creation Labs. They will listen and create a site according to what the other groups are doing.