Welcome to my Virtual Classroom!

The purpose of this site is to make your life as a student (I'm assuming you are a student...) a little bit easier. On this site, you can find daily updates, current marks and other interesting points of interest. Feel free to have a look around.

If you are a parent and/or a guardian, from this site you have the ability to monitor your child's or ward's ***daily*** progress and/or up to the minute grade(s).



Policy: Help with any course that Mr. Bertin teaches is available during *any* lunch period. Please tell Mr. Bertin you are coming beforehand so that he can plan accordingly. After-school appointments can also be arranged with at least *one* day's notice.

Whilst every reasonable attempt is made to minimize the student-to-teacher ratio during lunch hour extra-help sessions, the golden 1:1 proportion cannot be guaranteed. If that is what you seek, please book an after-school appointment with Mr. Bertin.

If circumstances are such that you are unable to seek extra help during your lunch or after school, please speak with Mr. Bertin. Upon mutual agreement, a "virtual" extra help session or series of sessions *may* be capable of being scheduled.

If you are currently taking MPM2D with Mr. Bertin, "Grade 10 Math Help" is offered every Monday after school in room 313. Sessions run from 14:40 until 16:40. Holy Trinity's Math Department runs "Math Help" for all grades and levels every Wednesday after school in room 306. Sessions run from 14:40 until 16:15.



Want to View the Latest Grades and Know What Your Code Name is? If This Describes You, Please Click on the Tab Above Labelled "Grades".

Want to View the Latest Grades and do *NOT* Know What Your Code Name is? If This Describes You, <Please click here>. Once you Have Generated the Input Required, <Please click here>. You Should Now Have Your Code Name. NOTE: If you are a student at HT and you have just turned 18, please see Mr. Bertin immediately as a new code name has been generated for you. To View Your Latest Grades, Please Click on the Tab Above Labelled "Grades".

Want to See If One of Your Assignments is Late/Missing? If This Describes You, <Please click here>.

If you are unable to find the grades of the student(s) you seek, don't hesitate to contact me via any of the methods on my "Contact Me" page.

Please note that grades are reported using a "Level" system. This means that roughly a Level 4 is an A. A Level 3 is a B. This is the provincial standard. A Level 2 is a C. A Level 1 is a D. A Level R is a failing grade (F). For more details regarding the "Level" system, <Please click here>.

To understand the algorithm in place that converts all the chosen pieces of data gathered during a marking period into a quantitative entity (a percentage), <Please click here>. The Ministry of Education's official position on this topic can be viewed by clicking <here>.



Looking to Launch Google Meet (Used To Conduct Online Classes or Virtual Extra Help Sessions)? Have Your my.htoakville.ca Credentials and Then Watch The Video That Is Viewable When You Click <here>.

Looking to Launch Google Classroom (Used *ONLY* For Submission Of Work)? First You Have to Join... Have Your my.htoakville.ca Credentials and the Code Mr. Bertin Gave You Handy and Then Click <here>.

Mr. Bertin has asked you to submit only Python (.py) files into Google Classroom and he has shown you how to do this but you need a refresher. Have your my.htoakville.ca credentials handy and then click <here>.

HELP! I am totally confused... What do I do? <Please click here>

I'm a parent/guardian. On What Should my Son/Daughter/Ward be Working? <Please click here>. (Using Excel terminology that has been standardized for decades, this is what Mr. Bertin refers to as the "Master Workbook". It consists of many spreadsheets.)