Physical Fitness Testing


Body Composition based on comparison of Body Weight & Height

Trunk Extensor Strength & Flexibility

Shoulder Flexibility

Upper Body Strength

Abdominal Strength & Flexibility

Aerobic Capacity


All Students in Grade 5 are tested. All Students in Grades 3-6 are given a practice test.

Boy Running


The PFT (FitnessGram) is administered between Feb. 1 and May 31 each school year.


The PFT (FitnessGram) is given over multiple days. Students will receive a score in the Healthy Fitness Zone or in the Needs Improvement area.


FITNESSGRAM test results are one measure of information students and their families may use to monitor overall fitness. Schools may also use these results for the purpose of evaluating their PE programs.

Children Exercising

Tips For Parents

  • Discuss the test with your child so they feel comfortable.
  • Explain to your child that you and the teacher are there to help.
  • Your child should have good sleeping habits & a good breakfast.
  • Help your child plan fitness activities to meet their goals.