Mr. Larson's Physical Education Class

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Dressing Appropriate For

Physical Education Class

Students should always wear running shoes and pants/shorts to school on PE days. Pants/shorts may be worn under dresses. Grass stains and dampness are typical occurrences when participating in various activities. Hoodies and sweaters are appropriate during cool days. Selected types of brimmed hats may be appropriate on sunny days. If you have any questions, please call the school office.

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I am committed to provide my K-6 students with a standards-based curriculum that supports the goals of improved physical, social, and mental development, and encourages a life-long interest in health, fitness, and recreational activities. Much of my curriculum comes from SPARK. SPARK stands for Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids. Activities are inclusive, highly active, and fun.

Important Information

Student Non-Participation

Physical Education is a required class. Students may not Opt-Out from participating. Modified physical education participation can be implemented for students with a "medical" condition.

Students with a short-term (<3 days) "medical" condition MUST present a dated and signed note from a parent listing the medical symptoms and parent wishes.

Students with a long-term (>3 days) "medical" condition MUST present a dated and signed DOCTOR's note which states the restrictions, limitations, and duration of restrictions.

REMEMBER, we can MODIFY PE activities to meet most doctor restrictions.

Student Grades In PE

Students are graded on PARTICIPATION and EFFORT. Students are expected to participate in ALL activities. Students are expected to give their BEST effort in meeting the California Standards for Physical Education.

California Physical Fitness Testing Begins In March!

Students will follow these State required tests: