2022 ATLANTIC Mini-Ride dates and information below:

In order to further:

  1. do our part within the rules, the spirit and the changing landscapes within the global pandemic,

  2. grow the Pacific portion of the Ride for the now hundreds of different friends and sponsors across the Region, and;

  3. to allow our Riders that cannot always join the annual Adventure ride date (16 July, 2022), to continue to cruise within their local Region at a relaxed pace.

Pacific has voted to host a series (17) of single-day and two-day local area community rides, leading up to the traditional annual Adventure ride departure on 16 July, 2022.

In order to further honour the re-opening of our friends at the Legions, the Eagles, the Rotaries and many other sponsors in our local areas, (as well as the sponsors in the smaller communities within our health region); the team and you will select smaller trips/venues/restaurants, that may not have had the time to host us during the larger annual Adventure ride.


Duration: 6 Hours

AUGUST 2022 at 10am – 5pm (AST)

MPNMR Mini Ride - Yarmouth Loop

The Military Police Motorcycle Relay invites you to come on one of our mini adventures. We will be riding the Yarmouth loop on Aug 22. Meet at 1000 hrs and KSU @ 1030 hrs leaving from Sobey's Greenwood, NS with stops at:

the Afghanistan Memorial, the Rally Point Retreat, and the Mahone Bay Legion.

We will be making strategic stops along the way for fuel, food breaks.

So I encourage you to show your interest in this ride, I have attached at link to the registration form below. The registration fee is $10 which goes to our charity Military Police Fund for Blind Children.

Registration form can be found at