The Movement for Healing Project

We are a community that seeks to provide spaces to learn about how movement + connection can help us heal in life after loss. The MFH Project fosters opportunities to learn more about how grief impacts the body, and to dabble in new and/or familiar movement and connection practices such as yoga, dance, meditation, Thai massage, and authentic relating games to build community.

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18 JAN 2020 | Conscious Conversations @ Interfusion Festival: On Loss and Healing

While loss and grief remain taboo topics, discussing them openly and intentionally can help us live fuller and more connected lives.

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9 NOV 2019 | Sound Meditation with Movement for Healing + recharj®

Exploring sound: an ancient + effective tool for dropping into a state of contemplation and restoration

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12 OCT 2019 | Hike for Healing

Let's get outside for some air and trees before winter comes!

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11 MAY 2019 | Movement for Healing

Exploring vital tools for recovery + resilience in life after loss

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