Soccerplex Information

The MYSA Soccerplex, located on Church Road in Mountain Top, is the by-product of more than a decade of brainstorming, fund raising, and construction. Our four irrigated full-size fields are among the most pristine playing surfaces here in eastern PA.

Please remember that our Soccerplex facilities and grounds are a smoke-free environment.

Operating and maintaining the complex is an on-going project. Here are some of the ways you can help:

1. Join our Soccerplex Maintenance Committee.

2. Help pick up litter and deposit it in the trash receptacles whenever you visit the complex.

3. Drive very slowly up and down the access road.

4. Park respectfully where permitted.

5. Leave handicapped parking spots for those who qualify.

6. Join the Soccerplex Concession Committee.

7. Help with field lining.

8. Join us on cleanup days.

9. Help trim/mow/cleanup detention pond slopes

10. Patronize our food and clothing concession stand often!