Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs

I run the program, and you make sure the attendees are properly logged on. Choose from one of the options below, or give me a topic of interest and I'll customize a program for you and your unique needs.

This is a great option for scout troops, homeschoolers, and virtual learners! Find a group of friends and split the cost with them! If specific supplies are needed, I will provide them to you before the program.

Option one: $80 for a 45-minute live Zoom* meeting with up to 30 students and their teachers/parents.

Option two: $40 for a 30-minute live Zoom* meeting with up to 10 students and their teachers/parents. Great for homeschool pods!

*Or other virtual platform of your choice.

Select lessons are available in a virtual format to accommodate schools with visitor restrictions, virtual learners, homeschoolers, scout troops, and anyone looking for some nature enrichment. Have another idea? Drop me a line or request a virtual program now!

Monarch Butterflies

The lives of monarch butterflies are AMAZING! Learn about their life cycles, adaptations, the threats they face, and how we can help.


Learn about different weather-measuring tools, and build an anemometer with supplies I provide ahead of time to practice measuring wind velocity in different settings. An extra adult helper (ex. aide or parent volunteer) is helpful for this lesson.


Meet a snake, turtle and lizards to learn all about reptiles, their habitats, diets, behaviors, and cool adaptations!

Wildlife Rescuers

Who are wildlife rescuers, and what are some of the animals they help? Depending on availability, you may get to meet an orphaned squirrel, opossum, or bunny.


Love them or hate them, coyotes are here to stay! Learn all about Ohio's most-feared predator and what you should do if you see one.

Seed Sorting and Comparing

Seeds are used to practice sorting by size, color, shape, and apply the concepts of "biggest" and "smallest," "most" and "least," and "same" and "similar." I provide all the materials ahead of time. This lesson is great for fine motor skill practice!

Parts of a Plant

Dissect a lima bean seed and a flower (which I provide ahead of time) with step-by-step guidance to learn about the different parts of a plant and how a flower makes seeds.

Extreme Weather

We perform several experiments to learn about extreme weather like tornadoes, thunderstorms, blizzards, and hurricanes.

Backyard Birds

Learn about some of Ohio's most common birds, and how to participate in Project Feeder Watch, a citizen science initiative that relies on regular people to help scientists tally the birds that visit our yards. PDF of "Common Birds of Ohio" field guide is included; hard copies available upon request.

Soil Jars

Students study different types of soils and how they are made up of a mixture of inorganic and organic materials. Then we sketch scientific diagrams of different samples based on our observations.

Chat with a Naturalist

You pick the nature topic and I will pick a fun book or two to read ahead of time. Then we can delve deeper into the subject with a quick PowerPoint followed by a student-led Q&A.

Custom Program

Do you have something in mind that you don't see listed here? Let's chat!