Why Use a Mortgage Broker

You might not know this, but it’s the job of a mortgage broker to help their clients to enjoy the lowest rates of interest on home loans, the fairest repayment plans and a host of other factors that they probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy when applying for a mortgage alone.

But for those of you wondering why use a mortgage broker in the first place, we thought that rather than trying to convince you about what makes experts like our team such an asset to a home loan application, we’ll tell you what you could be missing out on instead!

Cheaper interest rates

You read that right.

Interest rates are those horrid little fees that banks add onto your repayments to ensure that they receive a profit on whatever you pay back.

But did you know that some banks keep their lowest rates much closer to their chests?

With our help we could compare the most affordable rates of interest out there and then help you to sign up to a much fairer deal.

More flexible repayments

And this is another huge bonus of hiring a mortgage broker.

Most banks will demand that payments are made at the same time every month – but what if that repayment schedule doesn’t suit you?

Fortunately there are other options, including both weekly and fortnightly repayment features.

With a good broker at your side, you could negotiate much fairer terms and even have a particular deals’ features modified to suit you.

Lower deposits

Most banks will ask for anywhere between 10-20% to act as your deposit when applying for a home loan.

Those percentages aren’t set in stone however; quite the opposite in fact.

Even just a few percent less could spell the difference of a few thousand dollars - and the extra cash that you save could be put to more important things, such as renovating your new home!

A reliable broker could help you to organise your finances and prepare them for an application that could offer you the option to provide as little as 5% of the total amount to be borrowed!

And there you have it, just a few of the many benefits that mortgage brokers bring to the table. To learn more, why not contact us today to see how we might be able to help you?