2020-21 Scholarships


  1. Use the tabs on the left to navigate to a list of National Scholarships, NJ and Regional Scholarships, and Forms.

  2. Paper based applications must be submitted to the School Counseling Department by the deadline listed on this website and must be accompanied by a Scholarship Processing Google Form found under the Forms tab.

  3. All local scholarships will be available on December 1st of Senior year. A Google Classroom announcement and email notification will be made to publicize this date. Local Scholarships will be posted online using Going Merry once available.

  4. The number of scholarships that come through the Morris Knolls High School Counseling Office are a small fraction of the number of scholarship opportunities that are available nationwide. We recommend checking out these top scholarship websites (and remember that you should never pay for the right to apply for scholarships) to search for scholarships:

  1. Remember to check for additional scholarship opportunities through your college, your parent/guardian's place of employment, and any extracurricular activities that you are a part of both inside and outside of school. The more work that you put in, the greater the chances are of you receiving scholarship monies.

  2. Submit all completed materials before the deadline. It is up to the student to examine the application requirements carefully and include all necessary materials required by the scholarship organization. The School Counseling Department is responsible for uploading supporting documentation such as a high school transcript and letter(s) of recommendation.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Rebecca Rock, Scholarship Coordinator, at