Gopher State 



(Central Minnesota Community Baseball League)


This is designed to give parents a rough idea of the differences and similarities in the two different traveling opportunities our ballplayers have in this community through the MTBA.   


Can have teams at each age 8U and 9U together

group from 9U thru 16U – there is 10U and 11U together  

also 19U 12U and 13U together

14U and 16U together

Highest level of travel ball offered. Level of competition for those

Only for the players ready to compete not yet wanting to participate

at a highly competitive level.  Players are            in Gopher State or not quite ready

skilled at this level from a skills standpoint 

Players MAY be evaluated at tryouts and Players MAY be evaluated at  

selected for like-ability grouped teams tryouts.  Players will be placed

on teams to make them as even  

as possible  


14-16 game regular season schedule played 12-14  game regular season – played  

mostly on weeknights (can use Saturdays & on weeknights.  Typically starts  

Sundays if needed).  Younger age groups towards the end of May.  

typically start in late April and older groups

start a bit later – but league play does starts  

while school is still in session  

There are league playoffs so depending on League playoffs take place during  

how a team does in playoffs the season one weekend in July.   

typically ends in July sometime.  

Weekend tournaments optional Weekend tournaments optional

Practices set up by coaches –may use practices set up by coaches –may use

weekends to practice – morning ball can         weekends to practice –morning ball  

serve as much of the practice time can serve as much of the practice time  

(if morning ball is applicable to (if morning ball is applicable to your        

your player).  Weekdays may also be used for    player).  Probable commitment level       

for practice.  Probable commitment level of       of two to four evenings a week.  

three to five evenings a week. 

Travel for road games can be up to 1 hour Serves the communities of Mora, Foley, Milaca,   

long.  Many of the games take place in the Princeton, Hinckley, Braham, Pine City, Rush City,

north metro (some past teams include: Blaine, Hinckley, Isle, East Central, Onamia, Ogilvie, Becker,

Andover, Coon Rapids Fridley, Anoka, Centennial, St. Augusta, Luxemburg, Waite Park, Sartell, and St. 

Woodbury, Roseville, Zimmerman, St. Francis, Cloud. 

and Rogers) (9, 11, 13U will play the eastern teams; 16U may also 

have to travel to the western teams)

From 9U thru 13U everyone is in the batting Equal playing time is promoted for

order and can freely substitute defensively. all leagues.  

So a more equal playing time is promoted

(but not mandatory).  From 14U on up there

are 9 batters in the line up – equal playing

time not mandatory.  

Competitive play – play to win while still Emphasis is on fundamental skill  

developing fundamental skills development  

Travel to contests:  car pool Travel to contests:  car pool  

*In an effort to help save money, the uniforms worn for all the traveling programs (including morning ball) will be the same. Players will need to order a hat and jersey (if they don’t already have one) – pants and belts will be given to the junior high age players and up, but must be returned (washed) at the end of the season.   Pants and belts are not given to our 6th grade age players and down – must be provided on your own.