TM40 Legacy Foundation 

Building a Legacy

This website is built in honor of our friend, Tim Montressor. As part of the team mission statement, we seek to build a Legacy Youth Program in Tim's honor. This team will be competing in a variety of mechanic paintball events, reliving the early days of tournament paintball. 

Ally's Remembered Foundation is dedicated to help those who have either been victims of violence or those who have witnessed violence. In all ways, Ally Remembered Foundation is dedicated to helping youth. 

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Players begin as young as 7 with basics and skills on how to play, player safety and target shoots. 

Youth Scholarship Program

The Idea:

The idea for this legacy team came in a moment of calm and peace, while the grief of our lost friend, Tim Montressor, was still very fresh in our hearts.

Tim’s presence in the industry has always been overwhelmingly positive. He spent his life encouraging others to pursue their own personal achievements, and reinforcing the importance of team dynamics.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to introduce young players into the many competitive avenues of paintball, while providing support and guidance in a safe and family friendly atmosphere.

The Program:

Our program consists young men and women who are new the sport, and are seeking the competitive thrill that can only come from playing paintball.

A strong focus is placed on team work, trust, and accountability - the hallmarks of Tim’s long’s career in the sport.

Congratulations to Mason Lombo. Mason played with the Montressor's Marauders in the 2022 and 2023 season. He was recently seclected as part of the Team USA U-16 (Under 16) Team to represent the team in Europe this summer.  Learn more about the team HERE: 

Alexys "Lil Demon" Giaccio was part of the original team in 2021. She has been been a part of the paintball scene with her dad, Vin, since she was a baby. Now 16 Alexys is moving up and playing on the WNXL team New Jersey High Rollers a professional women's league team. She is also a spokesmodel for Dyzana Sports and has her own clothing line.