The Montessori Children’s House uses MY MONTESSORI CHILD system, which is a software that helps us to deliver the best possible educational experience for young children. Developed in collaboration with over 200 Montessori settings around the world, the software has been used at our setting since the autumn of 2014. The system comprises two parts: (1) an iPad-based wireless system for teachers to use, and (2) a secure website that parents can access at any time. No part of the system is for children to use directly.

The teachers’ MY MONTESSORI CHILD system runs on Apple iPads and other computers connected to the Internet. When teachers observe a child engaged in an activity, their observation notes and a photo are recorded via the iPad into the child’s personal profile. Teachers review their collective observations to ensure that each child’s development is properly supported in accordance with both Montessori principles and the EYFS (the Government’s comprehensive framework for tracking child development).

Parents are able to access the MY MONTESSORI CHILD parents’ site on any Internet-connected device. The parents’ site is exclusively about their particular child and is regularly updated. Visiting the site approximately once a week, will enable parents to learn about their child’s continuous, self-directed development. They can also submit observations from home by clicking in the ‘Send a note or home observation’ field on the left side of every page.

The entire MY MONTESSORI CHILD system has been made secure for the protection of your child’s personal data. Since distributing software as an ‘app’ downloaded from Apple or Google can compromise its security and confidentiality, a more secure cloud-computing approach is used. The cloud-computing system used is fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All web transmissions are encrypted. The iPads’ and teachers’ identities are checked every time a teacher logs-in and data is transmitted to and from the MY MONTESSORI CHILD servers. The servers themselves are based at a physically-guarded data centre in the UK.