Montessori tips

Montessori in the home

We have added this page to help to prepare your child for Montessori school.

Promoting INDEPENDENCE is the core to a Montessori child. At first these skills may seem unpractical or even ‘messy’ but over time little by little, your child will become confident and independent with their new skills.

How to put your coat on the Montessori Way

1. Place the coat down on the floor

2. Stand by the hood or label

3. Put your hands in the sleeves and flick up and over your head

First demonstrate to your child, you might need to do this a few times until they grasp the concept.

Pouring drinks

Provide a jug of water a tray and a cup.

Put on a low level table for the children to help themselves to a drink.

First demonstrate how to pour. You can provide a sponge for spillages.

A low-level coat peg

Put up your child’s own coat peg at child height and encourage them to hang up their own coat.

Velcro shoes

Provide Velcro shoes to encourage independence.

Clothes without restrictions

Children are able to be far more independent in dressing and undressing themselves and using the loo if clothes are not restrictive.

For example pull on trousers, no belts, zips or buttons.

Low shelving

Store books and toys on low level shelves. Encourage your child to put away their toys after use. Baskets are great for toy storage.