Monarch Quarterback Club

Our Mission: Encourage, Support and Promote the Goals of the Monarch Football Program

About the Monarch Quarterback Club (QBC)

The Monarch Quarterback Club provides support to the coaches and athletes of the Marysville Football Program. We support these needs through fundraising, generous donations from boosters and the volunteer efforts of parents and fans.

Meetings are held monthly throughout the year and weekly during the season. Check the latest meeting minutes for more info.

2019 QBC Officers

  • President: Chris Belt
  • Vice President: Corey Harper
  • Treasurer: Erin Powers
  • Secretary: Amy Eades

QBC Class Representatives for 2019*

  • Class of 2020 (Senior): Michelle Palmer
  • Class of 2021 (Junior): Julie Kern
  • Class of 2022 (Sophomore): Sonya Musel & Phyllis Nielsen
  • Class of 2022 (Freshman): Angie Howard

2019 QBC Activities

  • Fundraising/Income: Night At The Races, Bingo, Discount Cards, Adults Night Out, Sponsorship, Spiritwear (online/trailer)
  • Game Activities: Tailgates, Pre-Game Events, Spirit Flags, Game Announcements
  • Team Activities: Pre-Season Cookout, Homecoming, Powder Puff, Banquet
  • Meals: Varsity, JV and Freshman Pregame Meals and Snacks
  • Senior Activities: Senior Posters/Banner, Senior PawPrints, Senior Gift, Senior Night, Scholarship
  • Alumni Activities: Events, Newsletter, Membership

View the QBC Activity Directory for more information.

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Mailing Address: Monarch QBC PO Box 1061 Marysville, OH 43040