List of Classes and Teaching

You are a unique individual with your own ideas of what inspires you, delights you and makes you whole. Let's find that source of your true inspiration and allow it to completely energize your every move.

Online Recordings

The courses below are recorded and designed for specific intentions.

20 Minute Wine and relax - This session is focused on using your breath to relax the mind and body. Bring your wine if you like and use this 20 minutes to relax into your evening.

10 minute Relax - In just 10 minutes, this video helps you wind down your day into a peaceful relaxing evening

20 minute Relax - In just under 20 minutes, this video walks you through a relaxing set of poses to calmly begin your day or transition into a relaxing evening.

Three-Part Breath - This short relaxation exercise will focus on using your breath to help you relax all of your muscles in your body and use your breath to assist in a full-body relaxation.

Online Classes

Click on the links beside the specified time to access the course:

Personalized Sessions

This style of teaching allows time for us to customize a set of poses tailored to any specific physical needs of the students.