Oh What a Year!


The Oh What A Year Tournament is an effort to gather the best out of a year full of challenges. There is much to reflect on and consider about what we hope for the years after this past year. This tournament concept is meant to provide a moment of celebration for all the hard-earned lessons of the last year.


21st Century Skills 2021

The theme for the "Oh What a Year" Tournament is the 4C's of the 21st Century. Why? Because twenty-one is one more than twenty.

Be proud of your learning this year. Share something that inspired you and supported your learning.


The Regions - In order to create the tournament brackets you are being asked to consider which primary category your submission will fit under. OF COURSE, we know that learning should not be limited to a single category - but that's what we're doing for fun.

Submissions - Your submission is NOT limited to a specific type (web site, application, blog, person, book etc...) however it is BEST if you can provide a source URL - that makes the resulting set of resources easier to share and use.

A Quick (Tournament) Definition of the Four C's

Communication - Any tool or approach that enhanced your ability to communicate. Articles/videos/artifacts that encouraged deeper communication. People that inspired great communication.

Critical Thinking - This one is wide open for interpretation - that which helped you think more critically this past year, or that supported other's critical thought. Blogs, podcasts, websites, organizations etc... etc...

Collaboration - Any tool that eased your ability to work with others. Any person that helped clarify a method for collaboration. Any article/video/artifact that you found useful to connect and work with others.

Creation/Creativity/Creative Thinking - Any tool that enhances the ability to create - any resource or article that clarified your own creative thinking, or a partnership or person that supported your/students creativity.