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Merkelis Račkauskas gymnasium,

the Educational Establishment Combining Traditions with Modernism!

Our gymnasium is an active school, aspiring the interrelation of knowledge and real life issues.We rejoice at our student academic achievements and we are incredibly proud of their results in the national state examinations. We take pride in students who demonstrated excellent skills in the Economics competitions and in those, who became research work and literary essay winners. This school gives the honourable mention to the laureates of the national singing contest, the winners of art and technology events and high achievers of basketball and football tournaments.

The traditions associated with the historical past of this gymnasium are cherished and nurtured. Moreover, the new ones are continuously being developed. Our gymnasium is the place one is happy to stay at.

School's community

There are approximately 650 students (9-12 grades, 15-19 y.o.) and 51 teachers. The main values we cherish in our community are respect, fairness, social awareness, teamwork, transparency and personal development.

Student Self-Expression through Extra-Curricular Activities

Student autonomy groups are incredibly active in this gymnasium. The young journalists issue the monthly newspaper „Atosvaiste“ and some learners participate in the vocal group of girls „Incanto“, the boy vocal group „BROS“, the pop group the modern dance group „Allegro“. Apart from this, art, design and theatre studies have been organised at our school. In addition to this, the ecology group, the piligrim and esperanto clubs operate here as well. Our major priorities are to promote cultural and cognitive development as well as various project activities. Not only traditional extra – curricular activities are encouraged, but special events, emphasizing the originality of the gymnasium, attaching importance to school culturally and historically, are frequently held. Briefly, students participate in Mažeikiai culture events such as concerts, exhibitions, sports tournaments and charity campaigns.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Our school has got curriculum lessons of Economics, Home Ecomomics, Financial Literacy so we have a number of teachers who teach the basics of business, participate with the student teams in different contests, Trade fairs, conferences and camps organized by Junior Achievement, Start Strong, ChangeMakersOn. This year, the school has joined the programme Accelerator X.

Nordplus Junior project "Innovative Entreprenerurships. Creative Cooperation" 2011-2012. The goal of this project was to search and develop common creative solutions within the topics: redesign, innovation and entrepreneurship. Three partner schools established Young Enterprises which focused on the ecological aspects within the field of redesign and increased the knowledge about the problems followed by an expanding use-and- throw mentality.

Nordplus Junior project "Sustainable entrepreneurial skills, innovative approach, creative ideas“ 2013-2014. The project focused on these specified fields: innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. We worked on the creative parts of entrepreneurship, such as building a business plan, launching the business, marketing the product, developing leadership and organizational abilities etc. Furthermore, we discussed the ideas on how a product improvement can cohere with the global and local needs for sustainable goods. Making an impact on the local trade and industry was a common interest for both partners.

Nordplus Junior project "Developing Entrepreneurial Leadership" 2018-2020. The goal is to encourage creativity, self-reliance, and a “can do” attitude among participating students through exposure to the entrepreneurship attitude; promote an understanding and appreciation of entrepreneurship and assist students in the development of their own entrepreneurial plans in an applied learning experience.

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Participants' reflections


Kristers from Latvia, his reflection on Nordplus Junior project and our school!


Jurgita from Latvia, her reflection on Nordplus Junior project and our school!


Alice from France, her reflection on the project and our school!

Spanish 3.MOV

Erasmus+ projects participant Ignacio Frade from Spain, his reflection on the project and our school!

spanish 4.MOV

Erasmus+ projects participant Paula Suarez from Spain, her reflection on the project and our school!

Erasmus+ projects participant Celia Fernandez from Spain, her reflection on the project and our school!


Erasmus+ projects participant Yara Cabello from Spain, her reflection on the project and our school!


Emma from Finland, her reflection on Nordplus Junior project and our school!