Resources to Support Home Reading

Learning Intention

"We will teach our students to read simple texts with fluency."

Below you will find various resources to support you at home when reading with your child in French.

These are optional suggested resources to use if you choose to supplement or extend learning at home. All activities require access to an internet connection through a computer or device. Some activities may require the use of a printer. Some activities (such as those embedded in Google Sheets) work best on a computer or Chromebook.

Please keep in mind your and your child’s privacy if you chose to register for sites as some are based on US servers (Lalilo).

Getting Started

The links below will guide you through the 3 elements that have been proven to help students be successful in reading: (1) knowledge of sight words (2) phonetic awareness (3) use of reading strategies while reading. All these skills, like any other skills, require practice.

Link to sight words support.

All word lists with videos and flashcards!

See the Instructions and Sight Word Games documents for further information.

Link to Lalilo

Try Lalilo! Interactive games and books!

To connect with our class, follow these Parent Instructions .

Link to reading strategies document

Print the bookmarks and use them to remind your child of their strategies during reading. Have them tell you which strategy(ies) they used.

Link to Boukili

Try Boukili! A wide selection of digital books, a dashboard for you to monitor progress and a built-in reward system that rewards reading with more reading!


It is important that your student be an active participant while making use of these resources. I recommend that students choose their activity from above and choose their book so that they are invested in their game and/or reading. The reading and exercises they do should be relevant to them. Learning through play is a fantastic way to support our learners, so play games with them. Reading should, above all, be fun!

As such, I also recommend limiting these activities to a maximum of 20 minutes a night.

No evaluations or assessments are necessary for these activities as they are supplementary to the classroom instruction and therefore, completely optional.


Please do not hesitate to contact me at should you have any further questions.