Turnaround Achievement Scholarship

About the MJS Turnaround Achievement Award

The MJS Turnaround Achievement Scholarship started in 2017. The scholarship was awarded to four outstanding high school seniors, nominated by school staff and faculty, who were recognized as turning their lives or a difficult situation around. Graduating seniors at Susquehanna, Central Dauphin, Lower Dauphin and Central Dauphin East all received $1,000 scholarships to be applied to educational costs at the post-secondary educational institution of their choosing.

Feedback from the schools, the recipients, their families and the community was so positive we decided to take on the fundraising challenge to award this scholarship at all eleven public high schools in Dauphin County in 2018. As we continue to have successful fundraising through events and donations from the community we will continue to honor eleven seniors each year. As the Foundation continues to grow we will re-evaluate each year how to best award the scholarship money to benefit each recipient the most!

We are so thankful to all of our friends, family, the community, and all the companies that matched your generous donations. We could not be recognizing these amazing individuals without your support. We hope that this financial kick-start to their post-secondary education gives them the leverage and confidence they need to become highly successful, contribution members of society.

2019 Guest Speaker - Dr. Jesse Rawls, Principal Central Dauphin East High School

Dr. Rawls is a Harrisburg natiave. He graduated from Susquehanna Township High School. Following high school, he achieved his first dream by attending the University of Michigan. While at Michigan, he became a two-time All-American wrestler and graduated with a degree in Mathematics. After leaving Michigan, he returned to Harrisburg and began his teaching career. Along the way he earned a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. More than anything, he has learned that education is the most important thing that a person can have in their life.

He has served as a high school principal for over a decade and I truly believes that high school is a foundational event in each young person’s life. He reminded MJS Turnaround Achievement recipients to Be Great Every Day!!

2019 MJS Turnaround Achievement Recipients

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Chanelle Bratcher, Central Dauphin HS

Rachel Kepp, CD East HS

Cheyenne Reed, Halifax HS

Neamiah Diggs, Harrisburg HS

Griffin Jackson, Hershey HS

Myla Dressler, Lower Dauphin HS

Genesis Ramirez-Cruz, Middletown HS

Lacy Strait, Millersburg, HS

Tito Vazquez, Steelton-Highspire HS

Tyah Clark, Susquehanna HS

Samaria Duran, Upper Dauphin HS

2018 MJS Turnaround Achievement Recipients

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Gavyn King, Central Dauphin HS

NyAna Aviles, CD East HS

Hunter Lebo, Halifax HS

Oliver Herndon, Hershey HS

Nazeir James - Morrel, Harrisburg HS

Gwen Machamer, Lower Dauphin HS

Jan Carlos Battistini, Middletown HS

Brittney Miller, Millersburg HS

Jayshun Ramsey, Steelton-Highspire HS

Darnell Colston, Susquehanna HS

Nick Straub, Upper Dauphin HS

2017 MJS Turnaround Achievement Recipients

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Kaevon McCurry, Susquehanna HS

Cory Pigeon, Central Dauphin HS

Thalia Camacho, Lower Dauphin HS

Pichkeang (Lisa) Ly, Central Dauphin East HS