A versatile software for the automated analysis of animal activity and sleep patterns

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What's New in Rtivity

Since version 1.1

+ Missing data imputation

+ Survival Analysis (Kaplan-Meier);

+ Additional Sleep and Rhytmicity parameters

+ Fractal analysis of activity fluctuation patterns

+ Upload size up to 100Mb (desktop version only);

Since version 1.2

+ Bin converter

(automate size reduction of monitor files acquired with unnecessarily high resolution for extended periods).

Rtivity online version (v1.2)

No installation required (Shiny App)

Disconnects after 15 min of user inactivity (idle time)

Maximum upload 5Mb

User Guide (v1.2)

User_guide v1.2

Sample Data

Monitor 1.txt (576 Kb)
Monitor 2.txt (576 Kb)
metadata.xlsx (5 Kb)

Rtivity @ GitHub

Rtivity Desktop version

Works faster and offline. Upload size up to 100Mb

Computer prerequisites:

  • Windows 7 or above

  • Java 1.6 or above

Download Rtivity 1.2.4 for Windows | Aug 2022
(Updated to improve installation of Shiny R)

Rtivity_setup v1.2.4.exe | Setup File: (504 Mb)

Brief Info about the setup exe file: Setup files contain and install (inside C:\Rtivity) a portable browser (Chrome) and a portable R (with all libraries required to run Rtivity). Users do not need to install R in their computer, and can add an Rtivity icon shortcut to their desktop.

Detailed info: Visit the User_guide v1.2

Citation of Rtivity in publications:

Silva, R.F.O., Pinho, B.R., Monteiro, N.M., Santos, M.M., Oliveira, J.M.A. Automated analysis of activity, sleep, and rhythmic behaviour in various animal species with the Rtivity software. Sci Rep 12, 4179 (2022).