5th Grade ELA

Welcome to ELA with Miss Nagle!

Welcome to Miss Nagle's English Language Arts webpage! This is your home-base throughout the year to check your homework, find resources used in class, and access important information. This website is for students and parents. Check in often, especially for daily assignments on the homework tab.

In this class, you will have the following goals:

  • Become a better reader
  • Become a better writer
  • Master skills of the English language
  • And most importantly... HAVE FUN READING!

In this class we will be following the format of the DAILY FIVE to strengthen reading and writing fluency.

Find out more about the DAILY FIVE below.

Daily 5 and CAFE

Daily 5 is comprised of the following activities:

    • Read to Self
    • Work on Writing
    • Read to Someone
    • Listen to Reading
    • Word Work

Throughout the first weeks of school, students build stamina in their independent reading practices. As the school year progresses, students will participate in small strategy groups and will also receive individual reading conferences where their personal goals will be discussed.

CAFE is an acronym for the reading skills students will learn throughout the year:

C - - - Comprehension

A - - - Accuracy

F - - - Fluency

E - - - Expand Vocabulary

Students will use a variety of strategies attached to each skill throughout the year to enhance their reading abilities through whole-group, small-group, and individualized instruction.

To learn more about Daily Five, visit the link below: