Mindfully Clean

Mindfully Clean

Clean, organize, and simplify your life with Kim, from Mindfully Clean

Hi, I'm Kim! 

This business has been operational since Oct 2018 with over 20 years cleaning experience, a 3rd generation professional cleaner and certified Organizing Specialist. With a background in yoga and meditation, I have a deep interest in having a simple, mindful life and home.  

I'm currently serving residential clients, in the TRENTON area.  (Non-smoking only)

Feel free to join my local face book group, "Mindfully Clean, with Kim", for cleaning, organizing or even just simplifying inspiration. Or join my larger minimalism group, "Our Minimalist Lifestyle" (approx 60k members, world-wide), if you want to look into having less clutter, mind and home.

And, don't forget my blog at www.patchoulimoon.com!

Brightest Blessings,