About Kim

Hi everyone, I'm Kim.

Former self-employed yoga and meditation teacher... now still self-employed but a cleaner and transitioning to a more mindful, simpler way of living.

After my yoga and holistic health centre (Patchoulimoon Holistics) couldn't sustain the rent payments (a YMCA moved to town, also offering yoga) I took a 5 year break.  During a trying time I was forced to find 'something' and someone suggested cleaning houses. It fit with the requirements I had, which were to only work during school hours. So, Mindfully Clean was my saviour from a bad relationship and possible homelessness. 

A year after I started the business I found myself thrown into single-mom life and a boatload of trauma. I'm so grateful for this little business that brings so much joy to my life, as well as income that was hard-pressed to find for a stay-at-home mom of 10 years.  

Let's back up a little bit...  probably about 4 years before single-mom-life I found out about minimalism and tiny homes. I was hooked!!  So much freedom in what I was learning.  December 12, 2014 I joined a FB group that had about 5k members and there was 3-4 admins/mods of the group. They couldn't handle things so asked me to be an administrator. By the time it grew to 7k members I was the only admin left! Somehow, I thought the group was super easy to manage, however, there was one member who kept welcoming other members and bringing more and more life to the group. I invited her to by my moderator and a best (long distance) friendship was born along with my love of all things simple. I renamed the group, "Our Minimalist Lifestyle" and a new way of thinking continued to evolve.

This group, along with my obsession about tiny living on Youtube, was such a catalist in my life changing. I developed a desire to not be bogged down with tons of stuff, to not have to care for other people's stuff (in comes boundaries!!!) and to live a slower life. 

Fast-forward to 2023, a whole lot of healing has taken place (always ongoing, of course) and I continue to take steps at a simpler life.  I now take my daughter off grid camping and ATVing and bought a 22x8 foot cargo trailer to modify and build out as part of my retirement plan.  I  share the build-out videos on my reels so far. You can follow me on Facebook to see them. I also show outdoor living videos.