About Us

Stephen W. Carter, CEO Stress Solutions, LLC

Steve is the founder and CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC. He is a Certified Thought Field Therapy TFT-Dx Practitioner, Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer, Certified Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) Practitioner and Trainer, Certified Meditation and Hypnosis Trainer, Energy in Motion (Emo-Trance) Practitioner and Licensed Trainer for the Guild of Energists (GoE).

Steve's Stress Mastery work extends back to the 1970s when, as a Certified Trainer for the Maryland Police Training Commission, he developed and taught methods to help law enforcement officers throughout Maryland master chronic and acute stress associated with policing.

Steve's long running blog is found at https://StressMastery.blogspot.com and he is a volunteer and frequent content contributor for the nonprofit organization FREA, short for Finding Recovery and Empowerment From Abuse, at https://FREA.support.

Steve is a frequent presenter for corporate, government, and university health events. In addition, he hosts a several podcasts and YouTube channels, all focused on emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

This site is part of the Stress Solutions, LLC family of resources designed to help you dissolve stress and achieve success. In addition to this site, check out our main resource at http://www.EFT-MD.com and the Stress Mastery blog at http://StressMastery.blogspot.com.