My pricing model is very straight-forward. My fee for designing a round tag from start to finish is $20 plus two of the finished tag (one for my portfolio, one for my personal collection). The price for a shaped/mini tag is $25 and two finished tags as well. Consultations are free, but payment for a design is due before creative work will begin. Payments can be made by Pathcash (preferred) or PayPal.

To understand the pricing options of a tag order, please see my other pages for information. Please be aware that you are paying for custom design work. My job is to turn your vision into a 2D blueprint that explains the design process to the factory. This is much more complicated than throwing a few pieces of clipart into Microsoft Paint. An average design takes 2-4 hours.

Contact me now! E-mail me at and I will get back with you as soon as possible!