I'm a 32 year old accountant located in the Beer City, USA!

I've been tinkering and toying with graphic design for well over fifteen years. I never thought it was a lucrative career option, so I never pursued it professionally.

I received my first Pathtag at a geocaching event, and the concept of these creative trinkets intrigued me endlessly. Over the next year, I collected a couple dozen tags, and eventually committed to making my own Pathtag after I finished my degree. (College kids don't have money for pathtags!)

Using the information from pathtags.com, I created my first signature Pathtag, and was amazed how it turned out. When my friends saw my tag, and heard what I was doing, the requests started to pour in. What started out as just a hobby has blown into a real part-time job. Now, I'm an official design partner of both Pathtags and Aardtags and am ready to help you with bringing your tag design to life!

There are many factors to consider when choosing from all of the different designers out there. First off, know that I am an official designer of both Pathtags and Aardtags. This means that both companies have viewed my portfolio, and feel that my work is up to the standard they have come to expect from a design professional.

So, why choose me? I have been using Photoshop for over 15 years. I've grown with the program and am familiar with its features. Photoshop is the best product on the market for graphic design. Programs like Microsoft Paint, or even the Pathtag editor software do not fully unleash the capabilities of what you can do in a Pathtag. I also have samples of all the PMS upgrade options (glitter, glow, trans, metallic, etc.) that we can use to collaborate on the best possible design. I also know the intricate details and specifications related to what can and can't be done in a pathtag design mold, which ensures your factory blueprint meets your expectations on the first submission.

I am also very quick to respond to emails (my target is under an hour), and dedicate a fair amount of time to tag designs. Other designers may give you a 2-4 week estimate due to either the amount of time they are willing to exert on tags, or the pace at which they can crank out designs. I try extremely hard to have a finished product ready for order in 2-4 days, not weeks.

Lastly, I have an extensive gallery of previous tags that you can browse to see my work first-hand. Catch me at an event and see my portfolio in person!

Please contact me at MikeyMac0908@gmail.com if you have any questions about the process, or to get your design rolling today!