Hi and welcome to my music site .

I am an amateur musician doing cover songs with my Yamaha Genos.

I was also a computer programmer for a large portion of my working life.

I have put these two abilities together and put my mind to writing software that makes it relatively easy to make backing tracks with lyrics, specifically for Yamaha arranger keyboards such as the Yamaha Genos.

To make the backing tracks I have created a software package called Midi Maker, which allows me to create a special midi file with lyrics on a Windows computer. More about that on the Midi Maker pages.

All my music is recorded in my home studio, just a space set aside for my music equipment, nothing fancy or professional. My goal is very simple - have fun making music and share it with other like-minded people.

This website contains pages for explaining Midi Maker and also contains a page with my own music videos. Feel free to listen, view or download any of the material including the Midi Maker software.