Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide


Evacuate if you can do so safely and then call 911.

    • If you cannot evacuate, seek shelter in a room. Close and lock all doors and windows, turn off all lights.

    • Call (or text) 911 if possible.

    • Identify/obtain an object in the room that will allow you to incapacitate the person posing the threat if he or she enters and you are unable to hide.

    • Await direction from law enforcement personnel


    • Call 911.

    • Do not move seriously injured people unless they are in an unsafe location.

    • If you must move a seriously injured person to safety, work as a group, supporting the head and neck.


    • Alert others in the immediate area and pull the fire alarm.

    • Do not fight the fire if you have not been trained or are unsure about what type of fire extinguisherto use.

    • Exit the building using the closest exit.

    • Close doors behind you.

    • Call 911 and report the fire location.

    • Advise the dispatcher if others are still in thebuilding.

    • Do not re-enter a building that is on fire.


    • If a fire alarm sounds or you are notified by an official to evacuate, use the nearest exit.

    • Use an alternate exit if the nearest exit is unsafe.

    • Assist others, including people with disabilities, if safe to do so.

    • Notify emergency personnel of the location of people who are still in the building or not accounted for.

    • Do not return to the building or move to another location unless officials tell you to.


    • Evacuate the building if directed to do so.

    • Do not use cell phones or radios within 300 feet of suspected explosive devices.

    • Do not disturb unusual objects while evacuating.

    • Report anything unusual to Public Safety.

    • Await direction from emergency response personnel.


    • Stay away from windows.

    • Move to an interior room or hallway on the lowest level of the building.

    • Close any doors.

    • Remain in a safe area until danger has passed.

    • Follow the directions of emergency officials.


    • Stay in the building. Close and lock all windows and doors.

    • Move to an interior room or office away from windows, if possible.

    • Await direction from emergency response personnel.


    • Remain calm.

    • Report outage to Public Safety at 802.443.5911.

    • Turn off or unplug electrical equipment and computers.

    • Do not light candles or matches. Use a flashlight or walk to lighted areas.