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Some Bad News followed by Some Good News

In November 2019 Graupner posted a notice on their webpage that they had closed their manufacturing facility in China due to unprofitability. This means that they are ceasing production of all of their model kits, including Micro Magics. They state that their transmitter/receivers are still profitable and will remain in production.

Happily, another manufacturer has expressed very active interest in producing Micro Magic kits, and it is our hope that these new kits will be on the market soon. We will keep you posted regarding all developments.

(posted 12/14/19)

An Update Concerning Micro Magic Production

The new potential manufacturer for Micro Magic kits remains very active. We are told that the next step is production of the molds for the initial prototypes. This is obviously excellent progress and we are very happy.

We will continue to keep you posted regarding all future developments.

(posted 1/7/20)