Micro Magic International

Welcome to the official international site for Micro Magic R/C boats and sailing

What is Micro Magic?

The Micro Magic is a small remote controlled sailing boat with outstanding sailing characteristics from almost zero wind to winds well over 20 knots. The Micro Magic is very much an international RC sailboat racing class with fleets in many countries.

Micro Magics were initially developed and distributed exclusively by Graupner, Germany. Graupner ceased production of our boats in 2019. Happily, Hacker Model Production of the Czech Republic resumed production of Micro Magics in late 2020, and we are happy to report that the new boats are of extremely high quality.

You are on the official website of Micro Magic International, the international Micro Magic association. We are the international oversight body for the Micro Magic class.

Our website provides information about class news, class information, links to the individual country websites , upcoming events, tech (building and maintenance), tuning, suppliers, and provides views of photos and videos.

Why the New Website?

As many of you know, the MMI website, which we used very successfully for a number of years, went down in 2019 because of technical problems. We wish to expressly thank Martin Clemens for his many years of hard work on the previous site.

The US Micro Magic website was lost in 2016 due to a hacker related server crash. The US team decided to follow Mike Eades’ suggestion. Mike is a two-time US MM national champion and also the US Class Secretary of the Seawind class. He suggested that we build a new national website using Google Sites. This turned out to be a great idea: Google Sites is easy to use, and it is very easy to edit posts and add new content. It looks just fine on full-sized screens, tablets, and smartphones. And being read-only and administered by Google, security concerns are markedly decreased.

This worked out very well, and so together we decided to use the same strategy to build a new MMI site on Google Sites.