Microdosing Psychedelics


Our goal is to help people - world wide - know more about microdosing psychedelics. Due to the increasing number of requests, we can no longer answer each of you personally.

This website has information on microdosing, including a protocol many people have used to microdose safely. What we offer is information on safe and effective microdose use. We do that by enrolling people in studies, then recording and analyzing their reports. We then share the results. We also advise and support other research projects related to microdosing. We will not be including comments on higher dose effects, sacred uses, MDMA, issues of legality, training, or other current research and resources. Here is a link to our Frequently Asked Questions.

These are the three most frequently asked questions:

  • How much is a microdose? Most people start at 1/20 to 1/10 of a recreational dose of whatever substance they are trying and adjust based on their experience. If you are experiencing visual effects, you have taken too much.
  • How often are microdoses taken? Most participants dose every three days.
  • Is microdosing right for me? Only you can make that determination. There is more information about who has benefited so far and possible risks in the full FAQ.

Over 1500 participants have reported their experiences of microdosing as of this writing, and submitted narrative reports and daily data. We are taking time to read and analyze and report on all the data. We are closing new enrollments to the study to the general public.

Currently enrolled participants, please continue to send us your information.

Whether or not you enrolled in the daily data study, if you've tried microdosing using our protocol or differently, we appreciate learning about your experience. Please send us a written report of any length at psychedelicsresearch@gmail.com, or use the narrative reporting form at https://goo.gl/forms/HAxHZVk4fHiISqwl1

In the next few weeks, we will be accepting participants into new studies who have specific health conditions to expand our knowledge into those areas. Please check this website in late June for updates on recruiting for those studies.

We are not able to offer information about how to obtain psychedelics, which are not yet legal in most countries. We also are not able to offer opinions on specific centers or individual guides.

Media or academic/clinical researchers: Please make your requests to psychedelicsresearch@gmail.com.

Please DO NOT ASK US about: how or where to find substances.

Thank you for your interest and support,

James Fadiman, PhD

Sophia Korb, PhD

and the entire microdosing team