Microdosing Psychedelics


Our goal is to help people - world wide - know more about microdosing psychedelics. Due to the increasing number of requests, we can no longer answer each of you personally.

What we offer is information on safe and effective microdose use. We do that by enrolling people in studies, then recording and analyzing their reports. We then share the results. We also advise and support other research projects related to microdosing. We will not be including comments on higher dose effects, sacred uses, MDMA, issues of legality, training, or other current research and resources. Here is a link to our Frequently Asked Questions.

We have created a form with information about a self-study protocol and a way to enroll. Once you return that form to us, your information will be completely confidential. You are asked to create a code for yourself, and your information is not connected to your legal name.

After filling out the form and reading all the information, you may still have specific questions. If there is anything in the form that you find unclear or confusing, please let us know at psychedelicsresearch@gmail.com. This form is evolving because of your feedback thus far and it will continue to develop as we get more information.

We are not able to offer information about how to obtain psychedelics, which are not yet legal in most countries. We also are not able to offer opinions on specific centers or individual guides.

Media: Please make your request to psychedelicsresearch@gmail.com.

Please DO NOT ASK US about: how or where to find substances.

Thank you for your interest and support,

James Fadiman, PhD

Sophia Korb, PhD

and the entire microdosing team