Michiana Social Justice Coalition’s Statement on Police Brutality

The Michiana Social Justice Coalition unequivocally condemns white supremacy and police brutality and is disgusted by the militarization and violence against Black, Brown, and white protesters happening across the country. At this time, our individual organizations shared statements which demonstrate our values, feelings, and plans (see links below). As a coalition, we aim to listen, amplify, and act together to dismantle systems of oppression. We can think of no better way than to share with you the words and work of the movement, as well as a call to action from our local Black Lives Matter - South Bend chapter:

We invite you to participate in Black Lives Matter -South Bend’s actions and read their demands.

We also encourage you to donate to a bail fund and to Black Lives Matter -South Bend.

Noncitizens, their families, and allies may call National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) Legal Support at 317-662-4349 for the following:

    • A brief legal assessment in advance of attending a demonstration to identify possible immigration consequences that could arise from participation;
    • For any noncitizen taken into criminal custody, guidance to the individual, family members, and/or allies about strategies to minimize immigration consequences;
    • For any noncitizen transferred to ICE custody, guidance to the individual, family members, and/or allies about challenging custody and/or defending against deportation.
    • Noncitizens who plan to attend demonstrations may wish to consult Know Your Rights resources in advance of demonstrating. One such resource is available here in Spanish and here in English.

In solidarity,

Civil Rights Heritage Center

Pro Choice South Bend

Northern Indiana Atheists

Planned Parenthood Community Action Partners

La Casa de Amistad

The LGBTQ Center