about msjc

about us

The Michiana Social Justice Coalition is a partnership of organizations in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan, centered on the city of South Bend, Indiana.

We hold firm that oppression in all forms and against any group of marginalized individuals does harm and must not be tolerated. Those forms include injustices based on a person's economic, racial, cultural, and/or gender identity.

We work cooperatively to move forward our socially minded missions for positive community change.


MSJC welcomes nonprofit, civic, labor, faith, community, and social welfare organizations that share our values.

Each member group signs our pledge committing to promote equality, embrace difference, and resist systemic oppression.

To learn more email us at michianasjc@gmail.com


On January 20, 2017, we inaugurated a new era in South Bend.

The Peoples Inauguration: Voices for Justice and Inclusion” marked a renewed commitment to social change in our community.

We've since held three additional events through January 2020 where we focused on the importance of the upcoming census.